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Welcome to the website for the WTTA Hardrider series, a cycling competition run annually in the CTT West District.

How to get in on the action.                    

The events are open to members of clubs affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT) but, to be eligible for points and prizes, your club must also affiliate to the WTTA.  Alternatively you can join the WTTA as a private member. The treasurer's details and more information can be found on the affiliates page.

Points scoring and prizes.

Points are allocated in each event based on the placing of eligible riders (120 for 1st, 119 for 2nd etc.).  Ineligible riders are ignored when allocating points.  The best six scores of each rider are added together to give the rider’s overall score for the series.

There are trophies for the male and female series winners and further awards for junior, senior and various veteran age categories.   

The team competition result is calculated by adding together the best 18 results of each team.  No team member may contribute more than 6 results.  So a team consists of between 3 and 18 members.

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